Why founded Audit Qualitas?

The first container and the first deliveries matching the requirements but what about the next? What about the continuity and constancy? What about your end customer who is happy at the beginning and is expecting the same for the future? And what about the service you and your end customer asking for? Not to mention the bribery problem and fake reports we are facing every day in inspection results.

Reasons enough for us to found and to start Audit Qualitas, to solve these problems we faced every day in Indonesia. After 10+ years of experiences in these fields, our team is well experienced and aware about the failings as well as lack of services and integrity problems.

We are furniture inspection company focused only in Indonesia to provide an extensive knowledge of the market and depth expertise in quality control especially . We are focused on quality issues as we know that many importers from Indonesia faced with quality, reliability and service problems. Our main focus are furnitures and wood products with more than 10 years experiences. We know the high requirements in Europe and overseas. We promise, we act and prove quality!


In whole Indonesia to solve the quality problem and to make Indonesia a place of good quality products. For a future with high standard. Quality matters!


To understand completely the specific customer needs and to satisfy customer with our whole understanding of Quality. To be the first address in Indonesia to solve the quality problems in a highly effective way.


  • Respect everybody and each other
  • Lifelong learning: we never stop learning, never stop improvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way. To take responsibility for corporate actions and having a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders
  • Honesty is always the best policy and trust has to be earned through actions!
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