Pre Production Inspection

Takes place after the factory audit and performed before the mass production starts including the income material checking. Makes sure that the vendor understood each of customers’ requirements and there is no more misunderstanding.

The income material checking aims to verify quality and conformity of materials and components used for the production line. Based on our experience in Indonesia we request from each supplier 5 pre-production samples as a guideline for the whole production.

Your benefits:

  • Is everything well prepared before the production starts
  • Requirements and specifications (material, color, etc.) well understood?
  • Everything ready before mass production (worker, production facility etc.)?


During Production Inspection

We know that one supplier can have more than one manufacturer lines so that we will check different production lines and manufacturing processes.

We recommend to perform in this stage of the production at least 2 inspections. First after 25% production done, second after 50% produced.

We will be in charge of our responsibility to supervise the supplier during the production either by visiting or direct calls. The cultural circumstances in Indonesia makes it necessary to be always in touch with the supplier.

Your benefits:

  • Supervise your production.
  • Get professional true feedback and data.
  • Detect discrepancies early and implement necessary corrective actions.
  • We check materials, the condition of the machinery, the training of the operators etc

Final Inspection

This process will take place when at least 80% of the products are produced. However you can also require the booking process 100% produced goods.

In this step, it is the last chance for the customers to take actions before shipment.

We cover all possible on site checks of your products: Product appearance (AQL), workmanship, safety and functionality, quantity, assortment, colors/ measurements/ weight, accessories, labeling & logos, packing & packaging, and any other special requirements you may have.

Your benefits:

  • Discover the types of defects, and what percent of products have defects.
  • See the quality of the products, and you can refuse shipment if necessary. Arrangement of green light.
  • Know whether the shipping marks, packing, and labelling are correct.
  • Find out if the product is working correctly.

Warehouse Check

It makes no sense if the products pass the whole production process but will be negatively influenced because of the warehouse conditions.

We inspect the storage location and make sure that your finished products will be stored in clean and protected warehouse.

Your benefits:

  • Warehouse conditions overview.
  • Eliminate all possible risks.
  • Final safety before loading.