Code of Ethics makes Audit Qualitas special:

  • Our inspectors committed themselves to our code of ethics to ensuring quality, customer satisfaction, high objective assessments and null tolerance for bribery
  • Our inspectors are directly hired by the top management
  • We make sure that our inspectors are well trained and always up to date

1. Integrity Principle

Our inspectors perform their work with honesty, diligence, and responsibility. 

Inspectors should not knowingly be a party to any illegal activity, or engage in acts that are discreditable to the profession has to respect and contribute to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the Company.

2. Objectivity Principle

AuditQualitas inspectors exhibit the highest level of professional objectivity in gathering, evaluating, and communicating information about the activity or process being examined in relation with social competency. 

Our inspectors make a balanced assessments of all the relevant circumstances and are not unduly influenced by their own interests or by others in forming judgements. 

Shall not participate in any activity or relationship that may impair or be presumed to impair their unbiased assessment. 

This participation includes those activities or relationships that may be in conflict with the interests of Audit Qualitas and our clients. 

Shall not accept anything that may impair or be presumed to impair their professional judgement such being invited for any activities by suppliers in Indonesia or to accept any material effects.

3. Confidentiality Principle

Shall be prudent in the use and protection of information acquired in the course of their duties. 

Shall not use information gathered during the job for any personal gain or in any manner that would be contrary to the law or to the legitimate and ethical objectives of our company.

4. Competency Principle

What is the value of a company without capable and competently worker? 

Our inspectors apply the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed in the performance of international inspection services and the sense to communicate with manufacturer units. 

Has to engage only in those services for which they have the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences. 

Has continually to improve their proficiency and the effectiveness and quality of their work to realise lifelong learning.

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