Our Quality Understanding

Our quality understanding goes furthermore then fulfilling the requirements for the end product, the journey to get the best quality is our target. Quality has interdisciplinary aspects and in the global world caused in the era of the Internet quality is a key factor to build up successful businesses and long term relationships. Therefore we integrate quality in each department and processes.

Quality of Finance, Quality of Service, Quality of Quality Department, Quality of Marketing, Quality of Sales and after Sales.

We do always our internal quality review process in each department to get the optimum as we believe in improvement especially nowadays where your competitor sits to the next door. We believe in Quality and we live quality against the background of our code of ethics.

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Our Services

The general circumstances in Indonesia are a hard challenge as many suppliers and manufacturers don’t really understand precisely the requirements of their customers. The way of talking and behaving to the suppliers is also one of the important aspects which has to be maintained carefully to get the best results. Our team is well trained and experienced to work with suppliers in Indonesia and knows how to behave within the Indonesian culture.

You can book our services for your whole or for specific milestones of your supply chain process. We suggest for buyers in Indonesia that the whole process is managed either by yourself or third-party experts to realize almost error free production process.

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