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Our fundamental basics to do inspections: Code of Ethics

Committed our-self to the Code of Ethics we are able to strive you with honest and truly quality inspections results and services overall, null tolerance for bribery.

Our focus not only in quality of end products, the journey to get the best quality is our target.

We believe in quality as interdisciplinary subject in our whole company and in each department: Quality of Finance, Quality of Service, Quality of Quality Department, Quality of Marketing, Quality of Sales and after Sales.

The Total Quality Management System we enforced which will ensure to give you always the optimum services you deserve, also after the delivery of your products.

We wish to build up long-term relationships so that’s why we offer a whole range of services which will solve your problems in Indonesia.

We are experts in these fields and know exactly which problems importer overseas face with Indonesia.

Thus we like to support you in each step of your supply chain in Indonesia.

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