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Add-on Services

Shipping Document Services

We see our job is done when our customer is finally happy with the whole process.

Also in the final step to complete the purchasing process needs sometimes longer than really expected. Some buyers facing with problems in getting the shipping documents in time or in complete set.

With our cooperative partner we will assist you to get your shipping documents faster without wasting time and to avoid extra costs at the destination port. Just ask us for the additional service.

Rework and Defect Sorting Service

The main focus to sort out products with specific defect issue defined by our customer.

The defect sorting service can be done during the production line or after the whole production. It makes you also sure if the factory reworked out all the defects.

Furthermore we are able to help the production with manpower to rework the finished items.

As we know that the production process would stuck if the main worker will start to rework the items. Thus we offer you our extra service of rework. Just ask for it.

Your benefits:

  • To sort out bad products from the good ones.
  • No Delay, to continue the production with our manpower to catch the delivery time.

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